European Tour Dates

Trance Mask, Full Mask and Impro Tour

To request a workshop in your area contact Steve directly, otherwise please email the local organizer to apply for courses.

More schedule dates will continue to be added.


Date Location Type Contact Website/Notes
Feb. 20-22 Istanbul, Turkey Mask Play Martina Pavone
Feb. 23/24 Istanbul, Turkey Theatresports Martina Pavone For ITI Members (Invite only)
March 9  Near Munich, Germany Mask/Magic Show Gaston Florin
March 10 Bruck, Germany Mask Play Gaston Florin
March 15-17 Bucharest, Romania Maestro Impro Dan Miron For ITI Members (Invite only)
March 18/19 Bucharest, Romania Mask Play Radu Ciobanasu
March 30/31 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Mask Play Tessa Vugts
April 10-16 Fredericia, Denmark Advanced Masks  Martin Elung  *see note below                Snoghøj
April 16-22 Fredericia, Denmark Clown  Martin Elung ** see note below                  Snoghøj
April 26-28 Peer, Belgium Mask Play Silke Alexandre



Nov. 1-3 Prague, Czech Republic Mask Play Marc Cram
Nov. 22-24 London, England Mask Play William Reay Website

*This course is for players who have worked with me and show a strong commitment to the masks.

**This course will be lead by Felipe Ortiz

See previous year’s schedules here.