Europe Tour Dates


2018 Trancemask, Full Mask and Impro Tour

To request a workshop in your area contact Steve directly, otherwise please email the local organizer to apply for courses.

More schedule dates will continue to be added.


Date Location Type Contact Website/Notes
Feb. 3/4 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Mask Play  Erik Vanderliet
Feb. 22-25 Istanbul, Turkey Theatresports Kamil Kıvanç Özdemir
February 27, March 1/2 Paris, France Mask Play  Mark Jane  Closed course
Feb. 28 Paris, France Mask Show  Mark Jane
March 9-11 Israel Mask Play  Alex Sternick


 March 17  Munich, Germany Mask Play and Show Gaston Florin  GastonGaston
March 21-27 Fredericia, Denmark Advanced Masks  Martin Elung  *see note below                Snoghøj
March 27-  April 2 Fredericia, Denmark Clown Martin Elung ** see note below                  Snoghøj
April 13-15 London, England Mask Play William Reay  Website
April 21/22 Rotterdam, The Netherlands  Mask Play  Erik Vanderliet
June 16 Calgary, Canada  Mask Play
Full Masks
Iam Coulter  Morpheus Theatre 
Aug. 6-10 Calgary, Canada Summer School
Oct. 24 Oslo, Norway Mask Play Mats Eldøen
Nov. 9, 10 Padua, Italy Mask Play Zeno Cavalla
Nov. 22 Toulouse, France Mask Show (In French)
Nov. 23 Toulouse, France Mask Show (In English)
Nov.  25 Toulouse, France Mask Play
Nov. 26-Dec. 14 Fredericia, Denmark Mask Play Closed Teaching Period


Date Location Type Contact Website/Notes
March 7-10 Tel Aviv, Israel Mask Play Shira


*This course is for players who have worked with me and show a strong commitment to the masks.

**This course will be lead by Felipe Ortiz

See last year’s schedule here.