Jump Then Justify

How do we tell a story with no plan? How do we co-ordinate with several people to stay on the same inspired road

and venture into the future together? These are ongoing Impro mysteries to solve.

But there’s a simple trick to moving fearlessly forward. It’s not a short cut or a cheap gimmick, it’s a new perspective on storytelling and an essential way to approach Impro.

Think backwards!

Do something first and find out why later. And the ‘why’ may have something to do with what already exists or has been implied.

Suddenly our improvisation springs to life with many moments of surprise and discovery. We drop responsibility and the stress of wondering or worrying about the future, because we know we can make sense of whatever happens. And the audience is rewarded because we assemble the story puzzle by activating their memories and reincorporating material that they have already given value to.

Kiss someone, seemingly for no reason.

Just start running and you’ll know where you’re going.

Jump from the bridge and the meaning with fall into place.