(Some photos below. More on other pages.)

For our process, we will need:

*means material not totally necessary 


  • A working space with tables or counters (higher is better)
  • Sinks for cleaning up
  • Rags / paper towels
  • Plastic bags
  • A couple of towels
  • Old work clothes (at least a shirt) or Apron


  • Pieces of wooden board at least 30cmX40cm (to build mask on)
  • Blocks of wood (5-10cm3)
  • Clay or Plasticine – 2kg/person
  • Petroleum jelly / Vaseline Pointed sculpting tools
  • Pointed sculpting tools

Papier Mache

  • Plastic containers with lids (for mache) – 1 per student
  • Medium and large buckets (2 or 3)
  • Brown paper (or other with strong fibres)
  • *Paper with magical images to put as first lay for inside of mask
  • White flour
  • White glue
  • Spoons


  • Acrylic paint – Various colors including: red, yellow, brown, green, black and white (Big white, 2 kinds of red and brown)
  • Clear non-toxic varnish (polyurethane based) – 1 Matte, 1 small gloss
  • Paint brushes (including round ones and several small ones)
  • Painting sponges
  • Jars or containers for brushes
  • Lids or plates for pallets


  • Contact cement (1 regular, 1 clear and 1thicker (gel))
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Sandpaper (80 and 100 grit)
  • Industrial shears (for cutting think materials)
  • Strong scissors and small scissors
  • Razor knifes (regular craft knives)
  • Scalpel knives (with very thin blades that come to a point)
  • Ping pong / table tennis balls – 1 for each student
  • Small wooden or plastic balls or fake (doll) eyes
  • A few pencils
  • 1 black felt marker
  • Gas stove or flame torch
  • Socket (ratchet) set to heat up with flame to melt holes in Ping pong balls
  • Foam padding (1cm wide) – small amount
  • Fake hair (several colors)
  • Lighters (2)
  • *Fake plastic or rubber teeth
  • Black nylon meche (screen)
  • Black fabric elastic (2.5cm wide)
  • Clips/loops for adjusting elastic length
  • Black thread and sewing needles
Tools: Note the different sizes of socket wrench heads to melt holes in ping pong balls. Strong scissors are a must. Tools with small handles can be useful to work inside the mask. Different strength and sizes of knives help a great deal too.
Messy/Pretty Stuff: Mask and chat, sing, watch a movie, eat… Careful not to dip the paintbrush into your tea. (or drink the paint water)
Supplies: Keep all kinds of tools, adhesives, brushes, rags, containers, etc. handy.