“Trance masks tap into the raw essence of improvisation. The masks demand the vulnerability and willingness to be in the moment that makes for delightful and inspiring performances. There is no better way to realize the virtue of your instincts, humility and playfulness (and the limitations of your ego and intellect) than trying on a mask or two.”

Andy Crouch – Artistic Director, Hideout Theatre, Austin, Tx


“Maskwork is an important and extraordinary piece in the puzzle of improvisation. Steve´s teachings have kick-started this work in our company. We´ve had the pleasure of having him here three years in a row, and more and more of our members are pulled into this magical and inspiring work. And as far as we know we, will continue to invite him over every year to come.”

Nils Petter Morland – Artistic director Det Andre Teatret, Olso Norway


“Trance Mask opened new perspectives to my improvisation: on stage, but also during trainings.

The mask showed me, a little, what was really meant by ‘being in the moment’ and ‘being in the character.”

Nabla  Leviste – Paris, France


“Me, Janne, had kind of no responsibility anymore, I just wore a mask, and the mask became alive and did whatever it wanted to. No pressure on me to be so and so good. I really enjoyed the way you teach. Very secure, but still very encouraging, and giving me and us, freedom. Thank you!”

Janne Bjerkholt – Trondheim, Norway


“I liked a lot the mask I played a several times! And I hope we will meet again and you won’t give it away! It’s a very sensitive, open character and I really would like to know her better! The workshop was too short for deeply entering in this work! But it opened a door and now it’s open!”

Christine Fink – France


“It was the first time I was out of my mind. And I loved it.”

Max Windholz – Germany


My appreciation of the trance mask work with Steve Jarand is twofold: both practical and theoretic. Participating in his workshops feels like engaging in applied and basic research at the same time. Each occasion has been an extraordinary and highly personal experience leading to valuable insights into my own stage persona. The trance mask work with Mr. Jarand has deepened my understanding not only of acting and stage performance, but of the creative process itself. As an instructor, I have learned to become more attuned to the needs of my students thanks to Steve Jarand’s exemplary way of conducting his trance mask workshops – he is a master at guiding the raw, unabashed energy released by the masks in a meaningful direction. I strongly recommend Steve Jarand’s trance mask work to anyone who wishes to develop as a stage performer, both for the unforgettable experience in itself, as well as for the exceptional gain in self-knowledge it offers.

Caspar Schjelbred – Artistic Director, The Improfessionals Co-director, Impro Academy Paris


Putting your masks on let me take mine off.

Emil, Netherlands