Once upon a time there was a happy family… And they lived happily ever after.’

Innately, we all know this a poor outline for a story. It is the struggling, destitute family whom we want to see overcome challenges and triumph in the end. Likewise, if everything is perfect at the beginning, the hero must get burned by fire, rise from the ashes and be born again thereby earning a happy future.

Improvisers as storytellers should train all levels of transition and change: From one’s own character to the whole story. From quick short shifts to slow evolutions, including internal and external switches, as well as physical and emotional reversals.

Change in an Impro scene is the element that makes it feel improvised and the fresher it is (especially when the player themself is surprised) the more the audience feels the rewards.

In this workshop about transformation, experience how it feels to shapeshift freely and fearlessly. Identify the resistances we have towards being changed and playfully put them aside to make our scenes, stories and ourselves, more captivating and more complete.