Impro Basics

In this course we will follow and build upon the discoveries of Keith Johnstone, much of which is explored in his books Impro (1979, Methuen) and Impro for Storytellers (1999 Faber and Faber).

Through games, exercises and scenes students will gain an understanding of and confidence in:

  • Being in front of people
  • Status relationships
  • Storytelling and drama
  • Spontaneity
  • Emotional honesty
  • Awareness
  • Accepting offers
  • Graceful failure
  • Group mind and collaboration

And more…

We will also explore some deeper connections to performance by working with mask techniques. Spontaneity, giving up control, physical transformation and emotion, will be pushed to a new level.

This is a course designed to help us recall what it is like to be full of
acceptance and creativity like kids out in nature or playing make-believe.