Mask Making


A mask should be expressive and full of power.

The goal of wearing one is to produce a change in the wearer.

The mask must have a strong enough expression to lead the player in a clear direction without conscious input on their part.

We build a mask with these things in mind.

  • First we mould the face in clay or plastecine, then cover it with a release agent.
  • Next we add layers of mache soaked cloth or paper.
  • We allow each layer to dry. Then the mask can be sanded.
  • It is trimmed, sealed and painted.
  • Finally, extra features can be added like teeth, eyeballs and facial hair.

masks and work board


The act of creating this mask should be by giving up control to inspiration.

Hands should keep working until it looks alive.

It is impossible to make mistakes as the clay is entirely forgiving and changeable. Mirrors can be used to experiment with expression.


Inexpensive and readily available materials are preferred but it is fun to experiment with state of the art materials from time to time.



This workshop is usually paired with Mask Play in a longer 4-6 day course. The two creative processes fit together well and there is time to play while maché and glue are drying.