The Success of Failure

We all know, at least on some level, that when we make mistakes and have to solve problems to rectify them, that’s when we learn the most.

Yet in our society, failure is looked upon as a sign of weakness or incompetence as if the successful, competent people have always run smoothly forward without ever stumbling or falling down.

We need a forum where failing is encouraged, supported and nurtured.

Impro is that place.

It is the arena where we can play full-force without fear of screwing up. Where the screw-ups are rewarded and turned into talent.

In this workshop we will practice both the winning and losing sides of games and play. We’ll experience what it is like to flow creatively without planning, judgement or fear. We will connect deeply with the other players exposing the faults and blunders we all have in common.

We’ll make mistakes meaningful and failure a success.